This is the pivotal play that gave the Suns a 4 point lead late in the game which they were able to keep it for the win.
CP3 is the inbounder, we got an Ayton screen for Bridges who comes out to receive the pass.
And you can already see this is set up to be a double screen for Paul. One on the handoff, and we got Ayton on the back as well. That’s what the Hawks believe as well.
But then check out the lightning quick cut from Bridges, going straight to the basket for the dunk and fooling the entire Atlanta team.
We’ve seen this sneaky move being done a lot of times and it’s a lot of fun every time.
So let’s check out a few more interesting play calls from last night’s games. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
The Hornets have a great play design that they’ve been running this season.
Starts off as a high pick and roll between Hayward and Zeller, but as soon as Rozier makes the pass, he’ll fake left, hard cut to the right, and Zeller turns around to actually screen for Terry off the ball, a great wide open look and Rozier hits the three. Check it out once again as everything flows nicely on this possession.
Back to Phoenix, I wanted to feature Trae Young’s phenomenal vision, passing and overall basketball IQ.
Right here on the high pick by Capella, the big man actually slips it creating a bit of an advantage. Young could throw a lob at this moment, but he sees Chris Paul sliding down, on the help, so he takes an extra dribble, enough for CP to get all the way to the paint, and then throws a crosscourt pass to the corner for Kevin Huerter who’s got all the time he needs for the shot and knocks it down.
Nice to see this type of reaction from Trae in traffic, seeing the play ahead of time, and making the right move.
Look at this quick execution from Philadelphia. As Ben Simmons gets the ball at the wing, Tobias fakes the curl on the Howard pick, and this transforms into a double screen for Simmons.
Ben comes out strong, Dwight rolls, and you can see it being a 2 on 1 situation for Jokic.
The alley oop and the easy dunk for the sixers. Check it out once again in real time to see just how quickly this play develops.
And speaking of quick, here’s another example of that by the Orlando Magic.
As Terrence Ross brings the ball up, we have a recognizable 2 screen alignment up top. But as the Clippers are getting ready to switch and defend Ross, the first screener which is Otto Porter here, slips it and sprints to the paint, where as you can see there is nobody. So we have the pass from Terrence and the finish for the layup.
All happening in 1 continuous motion from the very beginning of the play, all the way till the end. Great execution.
The Clippers did have a nice out of bounds action of their own.
Luke Kennard sets a back screen for Kawhi, but then immediately cuts towards the baseline and gets one himself from Patterson. As he gets the ball there’s that little hesitation that is enough to get the defender in the air, so then he raises up and swishes this one to beat the halftime buzzer.
Once again here it is full speed for you to see what happens.
Let me know if you like more videos like this one, since they’re so fun for me to make. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.


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