EXPOSED: The Real Reason For Steph Curry’s GOD MODE

Look at this phenomenal decoy action from the Warriors. Draymond sets a screen for Looney. And the sixers wouldn’t want this mismatch with Danny Green under the basket nor this one with Embiid on the perimeter. So they choose to stay with their man. Thing is, Looney immediately runs outside to screen for Steph Curry, and you can already see how far back Joel is. No way to contest, and of course Steph knocks down this shot.
Let me show you how Golden State made a beast like Embiid look helpless on defense, and how unstoppable Curry has been for the last 10 games. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Look at these 3 possessions in a row. I know they look like exactly the same play. But the Warriors were exploiting the fact that Joel is simply too slow to be chasing Steph outside, so you got a simple high screen by Draymond, one or 2 dribbles, the pull up from way downtown and the splash.
This action was pretty much all Golden State ran for their shooter. And on the rare occasion where the big men would contest outside, it was easy dribble penetration all the way to the basket for the layup. I mean what can you do about this?
When the best shooter in NBA history is 10 for 17 from downtown it’s game over.
Curry is on a historic 10 game stretch in April averaging 40 points, on 55% from the field and 50% from three with 7 threes per game. This type of efficiency on that many shots from downtown is unheard of.
Look at this graphic. The 2nd place Klay Thompson has 5 games in his entire career with 10 or more threes, but Curry actually has 6 just this season. 4 of which came in the last 8 days.
What?! Just think about this for a second. In just about a week, this guy had more three point explosions than virtually any other player had in their entire careers. This is unfathomable.
Ok, let me try to calm down for a second and actually explain what happened and how he’s been able to unlock God Mode.
As you can see on this shooting chart for the month of April, these are his only makes from midrange. Even tho a historically great shooter from that area, he’s significantly reduced the midrange shots, in an attempt to be even more efficient, using the polarizing method of only threes and layups that the mathematicians love and the basketball purists hate.
Well as you can see, that’s working incredibly well for chef Curry and the Warriors, as they’re going into games trying to exploit the big man with the high pick and roll, and if he doesn’t come out high enough to contest, Steph fires the three, or on the contrary, goes past him straight to the basket, for the layup or to try and draw the foul. Nothing in between.
And during this stretch he’s also shooting and making 2 and a half free throws more than usual, which again is another sign of the strategy and the intention offensively.
With 11 straight games of over 30 points, Curry is on an incredible offensive explosion, and the team needed every single one of those points.
The dubs are currently number 9 in the standings, and if they want to get away with needing just 1 win in the play in tournament, they need to catch Memphis for that number 8 spot.
With 14 games left in the season for Golden State, 9 of those are against opponents under .500 like the Rockets, Timberwolves, Thunder and the Pelicans.
Having this in mind, I feel like we can expect a few more mind blowing performances from the shooting GOAT and possibly see this team in that 8 or 7 seed for a more favorable situation in the play in tournament.
Let me know what you think about this incredible run, and if you expect the Warriors to come out of this alive and reach the playoffs. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.


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  40. Chivas Gio

    Chivas GioПре 22 дана

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