Jokic STEALS The MVP Trophy From Giannis (What You DIDN'T SEE)

Giannis won the All Star Game MVP by going 16 out of 16 from the field. And later in the postgame interview he celebrated like Lebron James.
Let me show you a few more interesting moments from the All Star Game that you may have missed. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
After winning the 3 point shootout with the last shot, Steph Curry continued his lights out shooting in the actual game as well. And for those of you that missed it, Steph did his signature look away with the ball still in the air. A classic that never gets old.
And on the topic of shooting, of course you saw the wild half court barrage that him and Damian Lillard had. And Dame of course ended the game that way, with a shot from the logo.
The most interesting thing for me here is that Curry already knew what was about to happen as soon as Lillard got the ball. So he started waving goodbye announcing that the game is over.
And of course it was over at that same moment.
So after all those long range shots by Portland’s superstar, Paul George finally admitted in the postgame interview that the Blazers vs Thunder playoff three, is actually not a bad shot.
You all remember this right? Well here is PG admitting that he was wrong. BTW did you know that this is the first official basketball game that Steph and Lebron have been on the same team? They haven’t played together in the All Star Game before nor have they been on the same Team USA roster.
So it was great to see moments like these as we got a glimpse of what could have been if these 2 played together on the same roster. This is literally a cheat code.
The mutual respect and appreciation continued after the game on twitter as you can see with Lebron leading the way, and Curry responding.
My favorite thing from the entire All Star is probably seeing how much fun Nikola Jokic had, and how much he enjoyed being out there.
Like look at him, he is acting crazy after the simplest bucket ever, then check out his reaction on the Giannis three. Hilarious.
And these 2 definitely had great chemistry, as we see Nikola teaching Giannis some dancing moves on the bench.
And at the end, Antetokounmpo borrowed the MVP trophy to Jokic, so that he can feel like he won it. Man this is too funny seeing that big of a dude acting with pure joy like a little kid.
In the postgame he joked about being snubbed from the All Star Game MVP for the second consecutive year. This dude is one of the funniest characters in the league.
To top things off, he wore a mismatch colored sneakers in the game, and for those of you that haven’t seen his logo, check it out, I think it's a pretty cool design. The Joker hat with the initials and the number. Good job Nike.
Did you see this? Jaylen Brown tried to pass it to himself and dunk it off the backboard.
This was paying homage to Tracy Mcgrady who famously did it first, and Brown even had the same shoes that T-Mac was rocking back then. So it was a shame that he wasn’t able to finish it properly.
And you all saw these back to back alley oops between Steph and CP3. They almost never dunk in-game, and that is especially true for Chris Paul. So with his first dunk of the season, he surpassed Blake Griffin, who hasn’t dunked in more than a year. Now that’s a mind blowing fact in itself.
Speaking of Blake Griffin however, I know that he wasn’t in the game itself, but the news about his move to the Brooklyn Nets happened yesterday, so some of you may have missed it.
Yeah, as if they weren’t stacked enough, now Blake comes in as extra firepower and according to Woj, the Nets plan to utilize him as a small ball center with the second unit.
While talking about Brooklyn, here’s how his new teammate Kyrie Irving came to the game.
We’ve seen him arriving at games like this a few times already, so this is nothing new but just wanted to mention it as part of the things that you guys may have missed from the All Star.
And at the very end I do like to point out that even tho the dunk contest was a bit disappointing, we did see 1 dunk that we haven’t seen before.
And that was this slam from Obi Topin which in my opinion received a way lower score than it should have.
People who follow the league closely, probably saw Zach Lavine do this during a pre-game warm up, but technically this hasn’t been done in a dunk contest.
And I also wanna comment on the winning dunk by Anfernee Simmons. Even tho the execution wasn’t the greatest, I love the idea, and this is something that Dwight Howard was practicing before one of his dunk contests a few years ago, but as you can see he also couldn’t do it although he was close as well, so he ended up not trying it in the actual contest.
So yeah, all in all it was fun to take a break from the grind of the season, and Lebron definitely did that as he played the least minutes out of any player in the game.


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    Giannis is the most recent MVP, so handing his All-Star trophy to Jokic in front of everyone & all the cameras was Giannis' subtle way of giving his nod for Jokic to win MVP this year!

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