Lebron James Is EXHAUSTED & Lakers Are In TROUBLE!

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Coming off of a long run in the bubble, Lebron as the ultimate mastermind knew exactly what he needed to do in order to survive this regular season.
Lebron vs Obama clip
Although this was said as a joke, we all pretty much knew that this is the plan. To be as rested as possible, so that James can once again perform at the highest level when it matters the most. In the playoffs. Davis helps carry the load and the Lakers easily go through the season. Sounds like a great plan.
However all of that went out the window when AD got injured as James is all of a sudden playing heavy minutes and exhausting himself at 36 years of age- just to keep the Lakers competitive in the west.
And they’re paying the price for it. Let me explain. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
The guys in purple in gold have now dropped 3 straight games.
If we can somehow justify the two against the Brooklyn Nets, and the Miami Heat, then this last one against the Washington Wizards in which they had a 17 point lead at one point is definitely a surprise. But should it be?
LA looked lost at times when Lebron was on the bench or wasn’t directly involved in the offensive possessions. So that forced the coach Frank Vogel to play him 43 minutes.
And in the last 9 games he’s played 4 games over 40 minutes. This is a huge workload for a player at this stage of his career, even considering that we’re talking about Superman himself.
Check out this staggering impact that Anthony Davis’s injury had on Lebron.
When the brow is playing- James ranks 50th in the league in minutes per game. However with him sidelined the king is #1 in the league in that category.
And again, all that just to try to have this team be competitive, although as of late, even that isn’t helping them much.
There are times where you can clearly see him being impacted by it whether in game, and he even laid on the video board during a time out to try and rest up a little.
Against the Wizards James gave everything he had on this drive to tie the game scoring through contact. And he had the win in his hands pretty much with a free throw with less than 10 seconds to go. Buuut the fatigue caught up to him and he missed it. Leaving us to watch more drama in the overtime period.
Anyway, after the game Lebron was explicit in denying the fact that he’s tired, or that he needs rest, or that the team is in trouble. But is he right about it?
The fact of the matter is that the Lakers are already on a 3 game losing streak, with their next 3 games being against the hottest team in the league in Utah Jazz, then they play Dame Lillard and the Blazers, and to top it off, a game against Steph Curry and the Warriors.
So things are definitely not gonna get any easier for this team.
Anthony Davis will be sidelined for a longer period of time. He was originally given a 2-3 week timetable, but after re-evaluating him, the prognosis indicate that he’ll definitely miss more than that.
And Dennis Schroder will be out for at least the first of these 3 games as he’s in the contact tracing protocol so if he continues to test negative, the quickest he could be back is against the Blazers, meaning that they’ll miss him on the perimeter against an explosive guy like Donovan Mitchell.
And this game against Utah is more important than it seems at first sight. Let me explain why.
If you look at the standings right now, the Jazz have a comfortable lead in front of the 2 LA teams, and that gap could get even wider with a win on Wednesday.
And you may already asume where I’m going with this.
Although there is still a lot to play in this season, if Utah manages to keep the top spot in the West, that means that there will most likely be a second round showdown between the Lakers and the Clippers.
Which is of course yet another complication for them, in addition to the injuries and the overall up and down season so far.
Sure, barring a meltdown like the Clippers had last year, Lebron and company would need to go through them to go to the finals anyway, but it would be much easier if they had 2 quick playoff rounds like they had in the bubble when they went 4-1 in each round on their way to the conference finals.
So yeah, it remains to be seen how long the brow will be absent from the court, and if the Lakers try to adjust Lebron’s minutes in order to preserve him for the playoffs, even if that means losing a few more games, and being a lower seed.
There’s also talk about getting Demarcus Cousins. Who knows. Let me know what do you think about this whole situation and what will happen at the end. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.


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