Look at Joel Embiid moving his feet and staying in front of the much quicker Jrue Holiday.
It seemed like Jrue had him 3 times, but Embiid was right there and held his ground.
I love the effort and the fight from him and let me show you a few other things I liked from last night’s games. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Check out how easily and efficiently the Boston Celtics broke the Phoenix 2-3 zone.
As Williams screens for Smart up top, also keep an eye on Jabari Parker who’s trying to get behind the zone right here in this space.
So when Smart goes inside and the help comes, Parker slides to the basket, and we got a simple bounce pass for an easy dunk.
Here’s that nice and quick action once again for you to see it start to finish.
Moving on, speaking of quick actions, here’s one from the sixers.
Looks like Curry is screening for Embiid. And you can see Divicenzo coming out towards Joel here not even fully switching but just to give Lopez time to get out of that screen.
But Curry didn’t even set a pick in the first place. He slipped it and sprinted out to the three point line. So now, Donte is far behind him, and when a deadly shooter like Seth has this much room, you know the result. Three point field goal for Philadelphia.
Another thing I liked from last night is this out of bounds play by the Hornets. For this one we’re gonna go opposite, here’s the full play first. And now let me tell you what got me.
This is nothing complicated, a simple curl around a screen for the midrange shot.
But as much as the coach has to draw up a good play, the players have to execute it properly just as much. And you can see right here how cool and nonchalant Devonte Graham is at the beginning and kind of puts the defender to sleep, before taking off and going full speed in the blink of an eye.
That little split second is exactly the advantage and space he needed and got for the clean shot and the bucket. So again, the coach draws up the play, but the player has to sell that and properly execute it.
Next, let me show you this Luka Doncic pick and roll and the many options it opens up for the Mavs.
Caulie Stein sets the pick, and turns around for the roll. And check out all of this right here. You got both Luka and the big man in front of their defenders, so now the entire Lakers defense has to collapse. And that leaves Tim Hardaway Jr alone at the three point line, but also leaves Porzingis forgotten in the back, and he’ll cut inside, so Doncic just lobs it and Kristaps skies for the 1 handed throwdown. This is exactly how good of a player the slovenian is and how much problems he causes for the defense, almost every single possession.
At the end I wanted to feature the Bucks who keep the sixers guessing here first with this fake screen on Divicenzo, then the fake by Lopez for Jrue, and finally, both Donte and Brook go to set a double screen for Middleton to come out, and he’s a 43% from downtown this season, so he’ll gladly fire away an uncontested shot and watch it go in.
So yeah, another one of these short and sweet videos. I know you like these so let me know which play was your favorite. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.


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