The Moment When IT BECAME PERSONAL For Joel Embiid

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Looking at these 2 videos side by side, it’s crazy how refined Joel Embiid has become, executing Dirk’s patented 1 legged fadeaway.
That’s just one of the moves that he’s polished and is now destroying the opposition with.
He’s been unstoppable this season. Second in the league in scoring- averaging an unreal line of 30 points and 11 and half rebounds per game.
He’s leading the Sixers to the number 1 spot in the east, and with that cementing himself as the clear favorite so far for the MVP award. Which is unbelievable.
But let me dive deeper and reveal Embiid’s actual reason and motivation to get on another level this season. It’s all because it became personal with him.
Let me explain everything. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
And it’s no wonder that he hit Rudy Gobert with this move, and that it came as a part of his inhumane 40 point and 19 rebound game against Utah just a few days ago.
The Jazz big man has a lot to do with Embiid’s explosion this season but before explaining the whole situation, let me show you the anger, and revenge that Joel played with against Rudy.
Just look at the bullyball on 2 straight possessions. Goes full force right at him, showing everyone how much more powerful he is, hitting the stifle tower with an earthquake and completely destroying it.
Right here I love the multiple efforts on defense as he contests Mitchell and then the monster rejection definitely saving a sure basket in the clutch.
And since he’s been killing the Jazz the entire game with jump shots from the block, right here sets the pick and opens up at that same spot, a great pump fake that Gobert bites on, and look at the room that he has, as he goes inside and gets high up there for the dunk.
Back to the video. In an ESPN article, Embiid expressed how he felt when Gobert was selected for one of the All NBA teams over him last season. He said:
I agree that Anthony Davis had a better season than me, Jokic? That's debatable. But Rudy Gobert? No offense, but he averaged 15 points and 13 rebounds and I had my 23 and 12, and that's kind of a big difference. I think my numbers were better. But people didn't want to vote for me because our team didn't do well.
That's OK, because I will use it to motivate me so there is no chance that anyone can make that mistake again.
And this is the exact moment when Joel Embiid took it personal.
So how did he respond? By dominating the first half of the season, again with 30 points and 11 and a half rebounds per game, and taking his team to the number 1 spot in the conference.
Culminating with the annihilation of his rival at the center position in that head to head battle.
So after the game, Embiid had a lot to say. First he went directly at a reporter:
And then he confirmed what he said in that ESPN article and his motivation to destroy his opposition this year:
What I love the most however is the fact that Joel stated on multiple occasions how important it is to him to win the defensive player of the year award and how winning and team success is the top priority.
As a player who’s been criticized for the lack of discipline, dedication, his issues with conditioning and diet, all of the negatives that people have said about him- it seems like this season we see a completely new version of Embiid. A more mature and focused player, who finally understands what it takes and what’s the main goal. Winning.
So as he’s working to accomplish that, and doing a good job at it at the moment, at the same time, Joel Embiid is making a strong case for the most coveted individual award that an NBA player can get in a season. The MVP trophy.
And if both him and the Sixers continue to play like this, I honestly don’t see any competition.
Let me know if you think that Philly is for real, and if Joel can be an MVP.
That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.


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