In transition Nikola Jokic gets a mismatch so as he starts backing down, this is the moment when literally the entire Hornets defense is looking at him. So watch the wizardry from the Joker.
He fakes the pass 3 times and shifts the attention from 1 place to another so when everyone forgot about Milsap, he found him under the basket for some of the easiest points he’s scored.
And since joining the Nuggets, Aaron Gordon is getting even easier buckets and he’s super excited about it. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Check out some of Aaron’s points from just last night.
He gets a back screen from Murray, who then also flashes out to the three point line and since Jamal is such a threat, the defense will try to close out on him, leaving Gordon open for the layup. The help is late, and an acrobatic finish to this beautiful play.
The exact same action right here. Only this time, Gordon fakes and cuts middle getting a much smaller defender on the switch, so Jokic finds him inside, and this is too easy as he also gets the foul call.
This play, Aaron finds Nikola on the block, and starts clearing out, but again, since the big man demands so much attention, you see the defense has a tendency to help with him. So AG notices that, and cuts middle as the lane is wide open, and can even do a reverse dunk just for some style points.
And let me feature these 2 give and go plays as well, that showcase Gordon’s agility and willingness to cut and go to the basket, as well as the amazing passing ability of Jokic, as he delivers 2 perfect bounce passes and another 2 easy baskets for the new addition to this team.
So after the game which the Nuggets won, here’s Monte Morris telling the media what AG was saying in the locker room.
And going through his points in the 4 games since joining the Nuggets, you can clearly see all of that in these videos.
The majority of his points have been at the rim, but at the same time almost without any contact and almost completely uncontested which is crazy.
Playing in such a system with unselfish players and a ton of movement will definitely provide lots of easy scoring opportunities.
On top of that, when you have some of the absolute best passers in the NBA in Nikola Jokic and Facundo Campazzo, that will happen as well.
I mean take a look at some of these incredible assists while I talk about how great the Denver Nuggets have been lately.
They are on a 5 game winning streak and Aaron Gordon has been on the team for the last 4 of those. So he’s definitely played a big role in this and the fit has so far been perfect.
And if they continue to play like this and climb up the standings, the case for MVP for Nikola Jokic is only going to get stronger, especially with a lot of the top candidates being injured, while the Joker has played at a spectacular pace throughout the entire season. Stay tuned.
At the end I just wanna give a huge thank you to all of you guys who got this channel to half a million subscribers. To think that my day to day job now is the thing that’s been my lifelong passion, while having that big of an audience is beyond unbelievable to me and I never take it for granted. Thanks for all the love, for all the support, for White Kyrie...everything.
So as crazy as it is to say it- as we got past 500k we’re now closer to a million than we are to 0. Just think about how wild that is. Talk to you in the next one. Peace out


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