Things Are GETTING UGLY For Boston Celtics

Right here we got 2 Celtics defenders trying to trap Zion. As he goes to drive, there’s a third one swiping at the ball, and finally a fourth one meeting him at the rim. But none of that matters as Williamson overpowers all of them for 2 of his 28 points in a win for the Pelicans.
Now, Zion is a beast, plus Boston didn’t have Jaylen Brown for this game, so there are a lot of excuses for them if you wanna go that way, but still, there are some glaring issues as well, and we need to talk about them. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Marcus Smart having a J.R. Smith moment and zoning out is not really a problem but it’s too funny not to include it in the video.
Shot clock running down, great energy on defense and Payton Pritchard makes it a jump ball with only 0.3 seconds left on the Pelicans shot clock.
Thing is of course if the Celtics get it, that’s a change of possession and a fresh shot clock.
But then look at Smart heaving it one handed from half court for the buzzer beater as he forgot who had possession before the jump ball.
Anyway, Marcus is a high effort guy, usually pretty Smart- no pun intended, and this is by no means a real representation of what he brings to this team.
What’s also not a real representation is the 0 for 10 that Evan Fournier shot in his Celtics debut.
First shot of the game for him, good movement, fakes the cut, goes out, gets the screen, an open look and the shot, but backrims it.
Again right here, nice hard drive to the rim but somehow the ball just rolls out.
And once again, good recognition by Smart as he sets a screen for Evan and another open look but another miss.
What I’m trying to say is he’s a 20 point per game scorer and I like the flow and the shots that he can get in Boston with these guys. So he’ll definitely start knocking them down and that will help the Celtics a lot.
Offensively, one of the biggest issues for them has been the reliance of isolation basketball. And they are near the bottom of the league when it comes to assists per game.
Hopefully adding another guy who can shoot the ball and move around the court like Fournier, will spice things up for the Celtics. However it’s worth mentioning that they once again got beat in the assists column by a lot.
And perhaps the biggest issue for Boston was evident in this game, and that is defense.
The Pelicans were blazing hot shooting the ball, and they were 50% from the field and an amazing 51% from three. They sure were able to hit some tough shots, but on the other hand, teams get hot pretty often against the Celtics. Brad Stevens’s guys are 21st in defense.
That’s nowhere near good enough for a team wanting to go deep in the playoffs.
I mean look at some of these points that the Pelicans were getting inside. This is too easy.
And when you watch their big men and how they looked helpless at times in this game, it’s easy to imagine a similar thing happening in the postseason as well, with Brooklyn adding Griffin and Aldridge, Philly with Joel Embiid of course, Bucks with Giannis, and even Miami who are in a similar slump as the Celtics, but they do have Bam Adebayo inside.
I said this in my video about the trades, but Boston needed to get Vucevic and they missed him, so now with the way the roster is, as much as I love watching them play, and as much as I’d like to be wrong on this one, I don’t see the Celtics beating any of the big teams in the East. So this could easily end up being a first round exit, and some changes could be coming in the off season.
Let me know what you think about them and if they can do anything to save their season.
That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.


  1. Kyky 200

    Kyky 200Пре 25 дана

    I could shoot better than Fournier that game, 0-9

  2. larry koch

    larry kochПре месец

    Why is Boston put under a microscope when Miami and Toronto are doing the same. The season's not over they haven't failed at anything yet. And trust me there's not a team who wants to go against Boston in the playoffs. They would all much rather see Charlotte, Miami if they make the playoffs and even Toronto. And with the recent trades I think Robert Williams can hold his own as a starter. And Tristan Thompson can slow most good centers down enough. So I think a scoring punch from the guard spot was a better move than looking for a center. I hate to see D.Tice go, but we've been years without somebody who can play the two guard night in night out, in this corrects that problem I hated the trade when I saw it, but the more I examined all the elements and what we have now I believe we have better balance than if we had gone for any centers.

  3. larry koch

    larry kochПре месец

    The IT Curse? lol! IT got cocky and all but threatened to leave Boston if he didn't get a Max contract. There would be no sympathy for him if he had stayed and played poorly on a Max deal. But everyone's got a tear for IT because he hasn't been able to get a job in the NBA. Should we have given this guy a Max contract with the damage he had done to his hip? It would have been foolish to do so and management did what they should have. I just hope IT did what he should have and put some money away. When the car breaks down you get a new one. If anyone's cursed it's IT himself. Boston's done pretty well since IT left. IT not so much. I thank him for his services when he was in Boston. He played great, let the memories lie and forget about the what if's.

  4. christopher hennessey

    christopher hennesseyПре месец

    Danny ! What have you done?

  5. christopher hennessey

    christopher hennesseyПре месец

    They should have kept Theis and Hayward .

  6. Martin Kalalo

    Martin KalaloПре месец

    Smart was dumb on this one. He played like 500 games on his entire life and yet he doesn't know that shot clock thing yet

  7. Pound Trader

    Pound TraderПре месец

    The Celtics window is slowly closing

  8. Gerald Shields

    Gerald ShieldsПре месец

    @Heat Check I hate to break this to you, but Centers can't defend Williamson that well. What are they gonna do with that 285 lb body when it's on their upper body?

  9. J. J.

    J. J.Пре месец

    It's time to recognize that Brad Stevens is not a head coach. He's an assistant. He's a strategist.. but he can't handle professional athletes.

  10. Mr. Salamanca

    Mr. SalamancaПре месец

    Shouldn't have traded Theis.

  11. Motorrr

    MotorrrПре месец

    Theis is missing

  12. Soul Leading Ministries

    Soul Leading MinistriesПре месец

    It’s crazy because when Kemba first got there they were great!

  13. jonjon

    jonjonПре месец

    Getting? Or been

  14. Boxer McCoy

    Boxer McCoyПре месец

    I’m way better than Evan

  15. Kevin Hart

    Kevin HartПре месец

    This karma for gae Celtics fans always talking shit

  16. Corporal Feel no type a way

    Corporal Feel no type a wayПре месец

    Ainge still won't trade Kemba & he prefers average bigs over allstar bigs.

  17. Shai Chlimb

    Shai ChlimbПре месец

    celtics already had the best players but impatient to let them go.

  18. Ged Cruz

    Ged CruzПре месец

    what an annoying voice

  19. Paz Manian

    Paz ManianПре месец

    1:42 IN ORLANDO Big fn diff


    FACLESS DZПре месец


  21. WASIV

    WASIVПре месец

    this is not about basketball. its about a few guys who are supposedly their best players that are mentally gone. they may be more brainwashed than Kaepernick. they are convinced that everything is racist. so they themselves created a culture of hate w/in the organization. its the real reason Gordon Hayward left and he was the only guy holding this team together.

  22. JL Prescott

    JL PrescottПре месец

    1986 Celtics were the best. Cheers!

  23. Dick Money

    Dick MoneyПре месец


  24. Bregozy

    BregozyПре месец

    As a sixers fan this warms my heart

  25. William Blackfyre

    William BlackfyreПре месец

    because guys like Tatum, Walker, and Brown try to breakdown the D and get their shot off the dribble, so iso is the way they do it, but the shots are usually contested They don't kick out to their shooters enough for wide open shots...I believe that is Steven's fault. He also doesn't seem to be motivating his players, which is absolutely his job, regardless of what Tatum thinks. I think his message has gotten stale to the young guys and they don't have he veteran leadership to reinforce Steven's message. If this is the case (I'm not entirely sure it is) and they keep losing, he will lose the locker room and eventually his job.

  26. Adeel Nissar

    Adeel NissarПре месец

    This didn’t age too well 🥶🥶

  27. Jack Daniels

    Jack DanielsПре месец

    You have tightest set. Love that glowing goal.

  28. KyrieNewton213

    KyrieNewton213Пре месец

    U said Tatum didn’t play but you showed him in the highlight of the pelicans game lol

  29. Let's Play Hardball

    Let's Play HardballПре месец

    To save and have a decent season is to get rid of those Jersey.

  30. Flurin Parpan

    Flurin ParpanПре месец

    love your accent

  31. Pepe's Dream

    Pepe's DreamПре месец

    Fournier is a 20 point per game scorer that can't score 😂

  32. bossmansav

    bossmansavПре месец

    can’t save covid messed it up

  33. Ton Par

    Ton ParПре месец

    DA better step down

  34. Jerm

    JermПре месец

    As a Celtics fan i think there's a couple problems. Brad Stevens is too soft of a coach. He's very passive and just wants to say the right things and please everyone. He doesn't want to upset anyone or ruffle any feathers. Second i think there's a problem with the leadership role on the team or more specifically "the guy". Every team has "the guy". Right now i think there's this unspoken riff between Brown and Tatum. Tatum is clearly the natural selection to be the alpha of this team but Brown doesn't like it. He wan't to be the top dog and is really jealous of the attention Tatum receives. You can see it in his body language and his face. He always looks upset like someone's done him wrong. He never looks happy when's the last time you saw him smile? Yes they're both putting up great stats but they aren't playing well together as a team. They're more competing against each other and that's why they're struggling to win games. Stevens wont correct it either he's too worried about offending and upsetting them.

  35. SammyTV

    SammyTVПре месец

    Tatum is so overated ...he's good but not on the zion luka tier. Give luka brown as a running mate and they are 3 seed in the east at worst

  36. Ramil D

    Ramil DПре месец

    wtf is this commentary and tone lmao

  37. Ramil D

    Ramil DПре месец

    it's just marcus tbh trade that boi to rockets

  38. Think aboutit

    Think aboutitПре месец

    I'm not a Celtics fan but boy did they really mess up that strong hand they had a few years ago. They had 2 young and up and coming players with draft picks a plenty and THIS IS WHAT THEYVE BECOME!!??@? They played that great hand into a terrible hand and now they're about to fold. How is Danny Ainge not fired already? MO Wagner and Evan F. Is who they traded for to save the team???? WHAT! I'm really not hating on the team. I'm really just stunned at how they got here from there. They were setting up a dynasty. Really, what happened? Please Celtics fan respond and tell me. I just want to know.

  39. oz ark

    oz arkПре месец

    its not about how to be great,the motto now is"f u cant beat them,built them"

  40. Bry Highlights

    Bry HighlightsПре месец

    they should've traded for vucevic instead. 5 position is their main prob

  41. Fred Frond

    Fred FrondПре месец

    Pelicans are scary. Zion the unstoppable force and Adams the immovable object.

  42. MakeDredd2

    MakeDredd2Пре месец

    Everybody think they are Steph Curry in NBA 2021.

  43. Tim

    TimПре месец

    They messed up with trading away goat Theis

  44. yoloxpik

    yoloxpikПре месец

    Marcus Smart Is a cancer for this team, he thinks Is as good as Tatum, Walker or Brown.

  45. Nicholas Zaborowski

    Nicholas ZaborowskiПре месец

    Kembas a bad fit and just flat out not a guy who helps winning

  46. Ender

    EnderПре месец

    Trade kemba

  47. John Ta

    John TaПре месец

    fire brad stevens

  48. Essag Ghim

    Essag GhimПре месец

    There is too many egos on the team that don't know how to sacrifice.

  49. Pokey Cottons

    Pokey CottonsПре месец

    Stef, this vid is fire

  50. Bobby Reece

    Bobby ReeceПре месец

    Marcus not so smart

  51. joemago

    joemagoПре месец

    They traded Daniel Theiss, a solid role player down low.

  52. Harry Poter

    Harry PoterПре месец

    it's over for the Celtics this season, might as well tank and go for a better draft position. There is ZERO chance the Celtics are going past the Nets looking like this.

  53. Jackobee

    JackobeeПре месец

    Anyone remember when the Celtics finessed the Nets. 8 years later Celtics are average and the Nets have a goon squad 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Monsieur_Baguette

    Monsieur_BaguetteПре 7 дана

    Yeah cuz the nets fucking buy rings and shit.

  55. Jewel Coates

    Jewel CoatesПре месец

    They are not playing D it seems like there are no set plays it's Jason then it's jaylen And kemba and every one else Danny not making smart moves

  56. CK Holic

    CK HolicПре месец

    They need a player like Horford.

  57. Sean Radix`

    Sean Radix`Пре месец

    How does this music not get boring.. great vids bro 🔥🔥🔥

  58. Ramon Lumbang

    Ramon LumbangПре месец

    hey idol❤️nice jacket..can i have one?im ur avid follower🙏✌🙏

  59. Itsme Forsure

    Itsme ForsureПре месец

    I thought when they traded Theis, they were getting vucevic. Theis for wagner and Kornet is horrible. Theis could hit the 3 and that fits into Stevens offense, which is pretty much pick/pick/chuck a 3.

  60. Isaiah 63 1-6

    Isaiah 63 1-6Пре месец

    The Celtics need a playmaker, tatum brown & kemba are just scorers, trade kemba for playmaking guard and they’ll be top 3 seed, smart thompson etc etc for the bench is solid tier

  61. D 95

    D 95Пре месец

    Life could be worse, just look up Fournier on google 😂


    HERDof BUFFALOEDПре месец

    If the Celtics don’t get stops or force turnovers in order get easy buckets, they rely on their hero ball half court offense which won’t beat anyone in the NBA. Not even bad teams. Tatum is a terrible leader since he does not lead by example. Has anyone every seen Tatum take a charge? Brown seems more interested in making the all stars than leading a deep playoff run. Danny Ainge needs to retire ASAP

  63. Marc Mulder

    Marc MulderПре месец

    Your analyses is wrong,, it is Kyries fault...

  64. Tegridy Farms

    Tegridy FarmsПре месец

    The whole squad playing like they got diagnosed with Fournier!!

  65. DaveDEF82

    DaveDEF82Пре месец

    Should have never traded Theis...

  66. incipidsigninsetup

    incipidsigninsetupПре месец

    Zion size, first step, body control and soft touch around the rim makes him impossible to stop. He reminds me of Karl Malone but without the face up mid range capability. Btw, in today's no touch league Karl Malone would've been absolutely dominant.

  67. Κωνσταντίνος Μουστάκας

    Κωνσταντίνος ΜουστάκαςПре месец

    Celtics fan for ever. They don't play individual defense, relying too much on someone else helping/bailing them out and they don't play team offense, instead they play 'my turn your turn'

  68. Dylan

    DylanПре месец

    I think the years of poor drafting is catching up with them, outside of jaylen and jayson they haven't hit on a single pick in years. Thats lead to a huge lack of depth and not much talent outside of the core 4-5 guys.

  69. Robert Thomas

    Robert ThomasПре месец

    You fournier’d that nerf hoop shoot

  70. Hyse Nur

    Hyse NurПре месец

    They got mo wagner looool

  71. Pussy Destroyer

    Pussy DestroyerПре месец

    Boston need new coach

  72. Theodore McLaughlin

    Theodore McLaughlinПре месец

    This has been years in the making.

  73. Philmar Moling

    Philmar MolingПре месец

    They lack a legitimate center

  74. Inferno Dragon

    Inferno DragonПре месец

    I mean they pretty much traded most of the veterans that can give leadership... Goodluck with ya'll... Go Hornets.!!!

  75. R. B.

    R. B.Пре месец

    I miss Theis

  76. Knuckles Aukuso

    Knuckles AukusoПре месец

    Kemba is a ball hog never a team player

  77. Ivan S Dizon

    Ivan S DizonПре месец

    they always run out of gas, specially in playoff.🙁 trade their players and they are be good in the other team..kyrie? hayward?

  78. eric aunzo

    eric aunzoПре месец

    Celtics need to get rid of Walker and get someone who can set plays for them. Walker is an iso score first pg.

  79. 1Mrsweetness

    1MrsweetnessПре месец

    They need big man

  80. TheNamesDitto

    TheNamesDittoПре месец

    They have three all stars. I don't get what's happening

  81. Gameplay Tube

    Gameplay TubeПре месец

    Where is overrated tatum?

  82. Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. LuffyПре месец

    0:56 I'm waiting for you to breakdown the scene. Marcus Smart thinks the clock is running out and it's his instinct to take the shot. JUST LOOK AT THE CLOCK ON THIER BASKET, IT DIDN'T RESET !

  83. Mobius DC

    Mobius DCПре месец

    Boston should sign Jimmer Freddete if they need descent shooting.

  84. Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. LuffyПре месец

    I'm not a Celtic fan but they have a great PlayOff run with Tatum, Brown and Rozier. I still don't understand why Celtics gave up on Rozier ?

  85. Mateja Lazarević

    Mateja LazarevićПре месец

    pls fix your accent lol

  86. krste3000

    krste3000Пре месец

    So, the Celitcs suck on offense and they suck on defense. Is there any upside to this team?

  87. Luis Asterio Querubin

    Luis Asterio QuerubinПре месец

    Are you a heat fan?

  88. Blassie P

    Blassie PПре месец

    We fucking suck yo , no excuses when there's expectations for this team we crumbled

  89. Liam M

    Liam MПре месец

    Get Kemba off the team and I guarantee you they start winning again because Kemba is the only problem for the team's failures because we all know him for repeatedly choking in the Regular Season every year and it doesn't matter who he plays with he always finds a way to choke in the big games that matter most in the Regular Season and if the Celtics end up missing the Playoffs this season then it's going to go down as the most epic failure and choke job Kemba has put up in his whole career because right now his most epic failure and choke job he's put up came in the 2017/18 Regular Season where he didn't lead his team to the Playoffs with Dwight Howard playing with him the dude is an Overrated and Overhyped bum.

  90. Monalisa Hera

    Monalisa HeraПре месец

    The well-made cafe endoscopically avoid because appeal symptomatically regret during a loud bucket. worried, torpid bar

  91. gd131

    gd131Пре месец

    Its the Kardashian curse all over again.

  92. Simon Sez

    Simon SezПре месец

    Kyrie was holding them back 💯

  93. benjamin stanislaus

    benjamin stanislausПре месец

    danny ainge is a bum. so is brad no expecations stevens

  94. toto maxwell

    toto maxwellПре месец

    Danny Ainge and HIS Brad Stevens should get and be FIRED.THEY ARE A DISASTER.

  95. Erbey Pineda

    Erbey PinedaПре месец

    Celtics suck!

  96. Scruffy

    ScruffyПре месец

    Oh ya by the way they getting another chip, you'll see

  97. Scruffy

    ScruffyПре месец

    Five hundered k baby

  98. eba1029

    eba1029Пре месец

    Miss the IT era where they played as a TEAM. They never made it to the Finals but the games were always fun to watch and they were more competitive. These guys look like theyve just given up on the season.

  99. eba1029

    eba1029Пре месец

    @Robert Phillips Didnt say they were better. Just said the team was more competitive and team oriented back then compared to this dumpster fire.

  100. Robert Phillips

    Robert PhillipsПре месец

    2018 Celtics were better than IT era

  101. Nobunaga Takanaga

    Nobunaga TakanagaПре месец

    Celtics need to trade smart and walker .start prichard at pg

  102. Tobyn Cummins

    Tobyn CumminsПре месец

    Brad Steven’s Celtics are the juggernaut that never was...

  103. Philip He

    Philip HeПре месец

    How to save the Celtics for falling to the bottom in the league. First step must start with get rid of Kemba.

  104. Liam M

    Liam MПре месец

    Thank you I've been saying this ever since the end of the 2017/18 season Kemba Walker is a Regular Season choker but the only excuse people have been bringing up is he had no help which is definitely false because his team has played in so many Regular Season games throughout his whole career where he's bricked shots, Free Throws and blown easy layups in crunch time to close out winnable games his team could've won and he's played in so many winnable games where he's shot less than 30 and 40% from the floor and his team lost by less than 10 points.