What THIS INFAMOUS Corner 3 Did To Paul George

You all remember this infamous shot by Paul George hitting the side of the backboard.
Well what if I told you that this season he is shooting a mind boggling 61.3% on corner threes?
Even tho with 38 threes he’s way behind on makes when compared to the kings of the corner, still this type of shooting from a spot on the court that is definitely traumatic for PG is a big deal.
For the past few seasons this has been the PJ Tucker award as he’s been absolutely dominating this category.
But with all the turmoil in Houston and the move to Milwaukee, this year he’s not in contention, so let’s check out the new kings of the corner threes. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
As you may know, going off of makes will give you one list, and the percentage will give you another, so I’ll try to combine the best of both, starting at number 5 with Justin Holiday.
Whether it’s a kick out by Malcom Brogdon or off of the penetration from T.J Mcconnell, when Justin Holiday fires it up from the sides of the court, it goes in 42.6% of the time. And this season he’s made 55 threes from that spot which is 4th in the league.
Next, Mikal Bridges is for sure benefiting from the acquisition of Chris Paul since most of Mikail’s field goals are assisted by CP3, and with 57 Bridges has already surpassed last year’s total of 40 corner threes and is now shooting it at a phenomenal 44.5%.
His 13.3 points per game are a great addition to this Phoenix Suns team and one of the reasons why this team is surprising almost everyone by being second best in the entire league.
The 62 threes that Bojan Bogdanovic has made so far, are a perfect contribution to the number 1 three point shooting team as well as the number 1 team overall in the standings, the Utah Jazz.
Bojan has the 2nd most makes from the corner with a success rate of 41.3% enough to put him at number 3 on this list.
He does get some added style points however by being on the receiving end of these spectacular laser passes by Donovan Mitchell, which I could watch for hours.
Next up is Danny Green. A historically great corner 3 shooter, really found his groove since joining the Philadelphia 76ers and seeing what Ben Simmons can do with the assist.
Danny is shooting a terrific 43% from both sides and is actually the league leader in made threes at the moment with 65. The sixers are gonna need all those threes and more in the playoffs against teams like the Bucks and the Nets. We’ll see if he can deliver.
Now, it may be counterintuitive to have the league leader in corner threes at the number 2 spot, but I feel like the combination of 5th most makes in the league with 54, along with the best percentage by far out of this group at 52.4, puts Norman Powell at the top of this list with the best of both worlds in terms of frequency and efficiency.
The majority of these 54 corner threes are of course from Toronto before the trade, but he will definitely be a huge help for Dame and CJ come playoff time and provide some extra firepower.
And similarly to Paul George, Marcus Morris and Joe Ingles are also shooting above 50% from the corners but at a way lower volume, so although not on the list, they do deserve an honorable mention as dangerous players who cannot be left alone in this spot of the court.
39 threes on almost 55% for Ingles, and 41 threes on 54.7% for Morris are nothing to scoff at so shoutout to these guys as well.
Let me know in the comments if any of these names surprised you. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.


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