What initially looks like a high pick and roll for Conley is actually a decoy, as Gobert is gonna run to the wing, to screen for one of the most dangerous offensive players for the Jazz.
Jordan Clarkson curls, catches, fires and scores.
Utah has been relying on Clarkson, running these picks up top for him to get 3 point looks, and because of his underrated speed and the quick release, he is always able to get it up, and deliver for his team.
So with him being on fire this season, NBA players are praising him big time, and there’s even 1 superstar that said he wanted to be like him.
Stick around to check out who it was. What up everybody my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
Check out his sneakiness and speed. Right here he’ll curl past the handoff, before going skrrrt skrrrt on Curry, getting back to the ball, the screen, the shot and the bucket.
This was just 1 of his 8 threes against Philly on the way to a 40 point night against the Sixers.
That’s 40 points off the bench yall. Clarkson is the first reserve this season to score that many points. He was so hot that his teammates needed to cool him off after the game.
yhile you’re watching his phenomenally underrated floater package, let me just tell you that no water bottle showers are gonna cool him off this season, since Jordan is the leading scorer off the bench with 18 points per game.
Those 18 points per game make him the second leading scorer on the top team in the league.
For real, Clarkson is right behind Donovan Mitchell, all that while being a reserve. That’s how important he is to the Jazz and their wild success so far this year.
Okay, so now that you’ve seen a lot of these floaters, let me share a staggering statistic.
Dude is 62 out of 94 on these shots which is an incredible 66%. That’s crazy.
Only centers who play under the basket can get that type of efficiency.
I recently made a video about Immanuel Quickley, the guy who only shoots floaters.
Well, I was surprised to find out that he’s got less made and at a lower percentage.
Again, Jordan Clarkson’s floater game is 1) automatic and 2) suuuper underrated. Keep an eye on him for that throughout the rest of the season.
Moving on, another thing that he’s great at is the post up. Clarkson is so smart with his dribble, not wasting time, going straight to the rim, a little bump, the half spin and the shot.
Look at him knowing exactly where he wants to get. In the middle of the paint, and as he gets cut off, bumps, spins and scores.
Jordan is relying more on this shot as this year he completely removed the midrange from his game, becoming a 3s and paint type of guy.
While that can work for some, but not for others- with Clarkson it seems like it’s a recipe for success, as both the points are up, and the efficiency is there.
And with all that the Jazz are getting from Jordan, the trust in him is high. And I mean, to the moon. Look at all these shots in transition. This may seem crazy to some of you, but he’s been making them. At 37% on very high attempts, that’s putting Utah at number 1 in the entire league in made threes, and number 3 in percentage. You understand how deadly of a combination that is right? Shoot a lot of threes, make a lot of threes is the dream scenario for any team.
You know what’s the funniest thing about him tho? Jordan has a ton and I mean a ton of bombs right at the end of the shot clock as you can see in these few examples. And there’s a reason behind it which I’ll get to in a second. The team is actually looking for Clarkson if there’s nothing going on in the possession and they need a bailout shot.
Look at this: As the shot clock is hitting single digits, look at Mike Conley not liking what he’s seeing as he signals right away for Ingles to just get the ball to Clarkson.
And that’s exactly what happens, as Joe finds him, my guy immediately fires away and banks it in.
Now check out the hilarious reason, and story that Jordan Clarkson told in a recent podcast.
I started laughing immediately as I heard this. Dude is ready to get it up there in any situation and at any cost. Props to you for that.
And speaking of the ultra green light that Jordan has, check out what a superstar of Dwyane Wade’s caliber had to say about him.
To get such a high praise from a guy like D-Wade is awesome, but even his peers in the league are showing him mad respect as he is the clear favorite for the 6th man of the year award.
When you look at the whole picture, it all makes sense. Highest scorer off the bench, efficient, and leading his team to the best record in the league. That’s amazing.
As you look at the top 10 reserves, there’s no way that any of them has anywhere close to the combined success that Jordan is having so far this year.
Charles Barkley even went as far as saying that Clarkson had a better season than Anthony Davis at the all star break and put him on his ballot.


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